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Is root canal therapy painful?

There are a lot of jokes and myths surrounding root canal therapy. The reality is much different.

Typically, a patient calls our dental office in excruciating pain, and we schedule an emergency appointment immediately. The patient comes in, receives gentle treatment—complete with numbing—and leaves our office relieved. Then sleep is restored!

A root infection, which is an infection of the root and pulp of your tooth, can lead to excruciating pain if not treated. Often tooth sensitivity graduates to tooth pain with little warning as well. This is where myths abound. It is the infection that is painful and not the treatment.

Your dentist in El Dorado Hills, CA recommends contacting our dental office at the first signs of tooth sensitivity that does not improve. We would much rather provide root canal therapy before you are in agony.

A root canal requires a tiny access in your tooth and removal of the infected root and pulp. The area is thoroughly numb before any of this takes place. Your dentist then packs the area with a healing agent and a temporary filling. At a later appointment, we provide a permanent filling or a dental crown—the latter if the infection has compromised your tooth’s stability.

Gentle Root Canal Therapy in El Dorado Hills

If you have a painful tooth, jaw swelling, or a blister on your gum, contact our El Dorado Hills, CA dental office immediately to schedule a pain-relieving appointment.

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