Children's Dentist in El Dorado Hills CA

pediatric dentistry | el dorado hills caAt El Dorado Family Dental, we like to see children early—shortly after their first tooth erupts.

Regular dental visits, in fact, should start when your child is a toddler to promote good oral health habits at a young age. Also, Dr. Albik takes time to build a trusting relationship with you and your child.

Pediatric dentistry in our El Dorado Hills, CA dental office is all about giving your child a great head start in prevention, helping them feel comfortable at the dentist, instilling good habits from an early age, and providing a healthy smile for life.

Children love our dental office and enjoy interacting with our warm and kid-friendly team. Dr. Albik would have it no other way. He understands that, for children, coming to the dentist has to be fun, too.

Additionally, our dentist and hygienist always make time to address your concerns and share your child’s exam results with you.

Prevention and General Services for Children

Children’s dentistry in El Dorado Hills, CA begins with making your child feel welcome and at ease in our office. This is why we like to build relationships with families—if mom and dad feel comfortable and at ease, children often feel the same way.

We provide comprehensive exams for children every six months and recommend twice-yearly teeth cleanings when age appropriate. Dr. Albik also orders periodic x-rays to check on your child’s teeth that have not come in yet, paying particular attention to alignment. These recommendations follow guidelines established by the American Dental Association.

Our hygienist and Dr. Albik will also provide tips for you to use at home, too, if needed—ways to encourage your child to brush and floss more effectively or regularly, for example.

Generally, we recommend brushing and flossing twice per day and avoiding too many sweets. If your child has specific dental issues, we may recommend a customized program at home.

Fluoride Rinses, Sealants, and Custom Dentistrykids dentistry | el dorado hills ca

AT El Dorado Family Dental, we provide fluoride treatments and sealants to help keep your child’s teeth strong and to help prevent cavities. If your child does have a cavity, Dr. Albik uses tooth-colored resins to fill his or her tooth. This means your child’s cavity will blend in with their smile and not be noticeable.

If your child has specific dental issues or is prone to cavities, Dr. Albik may establish a custom treatment plan to address any problems. He will always discuss his findings with you, and he enjoys partnering with parents to give children healthy smiles.

Orthodontics for Older Teens

At El Dorado Family Dental, we want your child to have a healthy smile, but we also provide discreet orthodontics for older teens and adults to combine health with beauty.

Invisalign clear aligners are modern braces without metal and wires!

We Would Love to Provide Your Child with a Healthy Smile

Contact our dental office to schedule an appointment for yourself and your child today. You can find our dental clinic off Windplay Drive south of El Dorado Freeway 50.