Teeth Whitening in El Dorado Hills, CA

Everyone desires a white, bright smile. But years of enjoying life and our favorite meals can make our teeth appear dull and imperfect. Fortunately, El Dorado Family Dental offers professional teeth whitening treatment at our El Dorado Hills, CA dental office. Professional teeth whitening can eliminate dental stains and provide brilliant results to give you a more fresh, youthful-looking appearance. Woman getting ready for teeth whitening in El Dorado Hills, CA

Many people choose over-the-counter teeth whitening, but these kits are generic and one-size-fits-all. These store-bought whitening kits aren’t as safe or effective as professional teeth whitening kits because they don’t fit properly or provide consistent results. Store-bought bleaching gels can also be too abrasive on enamel or leak due to ill-fitting whitening trays, leading to tooth sensitivity and gum irritation. 

Because of these reasons, we recommend considering professional teeth whitening in El Dorado Hills, CA. El Dorado Family Dental offers in-office and at-home whitening for dramatic, quick results. If you have dull, yellow, or dark teeth, don’t hesitate to contact our cosmetic dentists today for a consultation. We can help you attain the stunning smile you’ve always wanted. 

Why Do Our Teeth Stain?

Staining can occur for several reasons:

  • Smoking and tobacco use
  • Foods and beverages (e.g., red wine, coffee, tomato sauce)
  • Aging 
  • Poor oral hygiene 
  • Certain medical conditions and medications 

If you’re unhappy with the color of your teeth, please give us a call today to learn how you can whiten your smile.

In-Office Teeth Whitening

Our in-office teeth whitening allows us to remove stains and brighten teeth instantly. Our dentists will first discuss your oral health needs and goals, and we will create a whitening plan that works for you. 

We then protect your gums and carefully clean your teeth to remove surface debris and bacteria. Next, we apply a prescription-strength whitening gel, which penetrates and eliminates stain-causing molecules in the teeth. Finally, we clean the gel away, review your results, and repeat the process until we reach your desired whiteness level. 

At-Home Teeth Whitening 

At-home teeth whitening allows patients to whiten their teeth at their convenience and in the comfort of their homes. Our dentists will take impressions of your smile to create custom whitening trays, and we will provide you with a professional-strength bleaching gel fit for your unique needs. 

Your customized take-home whitening kit will be complete with detailed instructions so you can use the kit safely and effectively. At-home whitening kits are ideal for maintaining a white smile and touch-ups. Teeth whitening procedure in El Dorado Hills, CA

Brighten Your Smile with Teeth Whitening in El Dorado Hills

Dr. Rika Prodhan-Ashraf and Dr. Mohamad Albik are highly skilled and knowledgeable cosmetic dentists who can help you attain a whiter, brighter smile. Eldorado Family Dental is pleased to serve patients from El Dorado Hills, White Rock, Folsom, Cameron Park, Shingle Springs, Folsom Ranch, and Placerville.

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