Cosmetic Dentistry in El Dorado Hills

In our El Dorado Hills, CA dental office, we want you and your family to have healthy smiles, but we are also here to help you meet your smile goals by enhancing or transforming the appearance of your teeth and gums.

Dr. Albik knows that a beautiful and symmetrical smile can provide confidence and better oral health for his patients, which is why he provides a wide variety of cosmetic dentistry in El Dorado Hills, CA. This means cosmetic options for every lifestyle and most family budgets.

With today’s technologies and sedation options, cosmetic dentistry is both comfortable and effective.

The First Stepcosmetic dentistry | el dorado hills ca

If you are ready to learn if cosmetic dentistry is right for you, the first step is to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Albik. He will review your dental health history and current situation to see if you are a suitable candidate for treatment.

He will then develop a treatment plan that considers your budget and insurance. Dental insurance may provide coverage for some of your treatment, and our office staff can help you with convenient payment and financing options if needed.

Your Comfort Is Our Priority

While many of the cosmetic treatments and procedures we offer are minimally invasive, we can provide sedation dentistry in El Dorado Hills, CA to help relieve any anxiety you may feel. Dr. Albik will discuss our sedation options will you during your consultation visit.

Professional Teeth Whitening for a Bright Smile

Professional teeth whitening in El Dorado Hills, CA is an affordable way to dramatically change your smile.

There are many reasons that teeth dull over time. Drinking coffee, dark sodas, tobacco use, poor oral care, and certain medications can lead to discolored teeth. Thankfully, Dr. Albik can restore brightness with professional teeth whitening treatments. 

Our treatments can be performed in-office or at home with one of our custom take-home whitening kits.

A member of our team will discuss the benefits of both treatments with you to help you make the best choice.

Porcelain Veneers for a Hollywood Smile

Many celebrities rely on porcelain veneers to enhance their smile, but quality veneers in El Dorado Hills, CA are available now in our dental office.

Veneers are thin, tooth-colored shells that go over the fronts of teeth to conceal a variety of flaws including:

  • Gummy smiles
  • Small chips
  • Discoloration
  • Misshapen teeth
  • Height inconsistencies

Our veneers blend in with your surrounding teeth for a great look!

Tooth Bonding and Tooth-Colored Fillingscosmetic dentistry | dentist | el dorado hills ca

Composite resin is the material Dr. Albik uses to create beautiful tooth-colored fillings for his patients, but he can use this same resin to conceal flaws in healthy teeth—a small chip, discoloration, gap, or another issue that detracts from your smile.

Dr. Albik can complete many bonding treatments in a single visit to our dental office.

Your Smile Journey

Dr. Albik can combine cosmetic dental options including dental implants and Invisalign clear aligners to help you achieve your smile goals over time. This option considers your lifestyle and your budget.

At El Dorado Family Dental, we want to do everything we can to help you achieve your dream smile.

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