Preventive Dentistry in El Dorado Hills

Preventative dentistry in El Dorado Hills, CA means incorporating the best oral health practices today to help prevent dental issues tomorrow. Our dental team wants you to have your healthiest smile, and we work with our patients to ensure their lifelong oral health.  

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Best Practices for Better Oral Health in El Dorado Hills, CA 

You can take simple steps toward creating a more beautiful and functional smile for yourself. When you spend even a few minutes caring for your teeth each day, you invest in your oral health for years to come. 

Dr. Mohamad Albik and Dr. Sherif Hassan follow prevention guidelines put forward by the American Dental Association, which calls for:

  • Twice-yearly dental exams
  • Twice-yearly teeth cleanings
  • Periodic x-rays
  • Fluoride treatments when needed

For your part, we recommend:

  • Brushing and flossing your teeth twice per day with fluoride toothpaste
  • Avoiding sugary snacks and drinks
  • Visiting our Folsom Ranch dentist office regularly for exams and cleanings

It's important to remember that patients who visit the dentist twice per year for exams often have fewer cavities and significantly lower their risk for periodontal disease (gum disease). 

Additionally, dental cleanings clear away the tartar and bacteria that your toothbrush and floss leave behind. These teeth cleanings provide essential supplementation to your daily oral health habits! 

Maintaining your smile for life is a partnership between you and your top El Dorado Hills, CA dentist.

The total benefits of dental exams and cleanings help:

  • Prevent tooth decay
  • Prevent plaque and tartar buildup
  • Prevent bad breath
  • Prevent tooth stains
  • Prevent periodontal disease
  • Catch oral cancers early
  • Reveal subtle changes between dental visits

Oral Health Exams and Dental Cleanings 

No matter their age, every patient can benefit from regularly scheduled oral health exams, dental cleanings, and dental x-rays. During exams, we check for any signs of decay, disease, and other irregularities and screen for oral cancers.

Professional dental cleanings allow us to remove plaque and bacteria from the teeth and around the gums. Not only do professional teeth cleanings help keep your teeth and gums healthy, but they also freshen your breath and reduce the risk of cavities and gum disease. 

Our dental office treats patients of all ages, including children. We also provide fluoride treatments, nutritional guidance, and oral hygiene instruction to protect kids' growing smiles. 

Whether you visit our dental office regularly or it's been a while since your last appointment, it's never too late to take care of your smile! 

Prevent Tooth Loss and Disease with Periodontal Treatment 

Gum disease often results from poor preventative dentistry. If left untreated, it can lead to lost teeth and even systemic health issues.

The common symptoms of gum disease include:

  • Bad breath or a persistently foul taste that lingers in your mouth
  • Loose or shifting teeth
  • Receding gums
  • Toothaches or tooth sensitivity
  • Gums that bleed when you brush and floss

Your Placerville dentist, Dr. Albik, uses the best therapies to help halt your periodontal disease and save your teeth. older couple hugging and smiling

These practices may include:

  • Instructions for a custom oral hygiene routine at home
  • Extra scheduled cleanings with our hygienist
  • Deep cleanings and treatments 
  • Gum surgery

Because we can still reverse gum disease while it's in its early phase of gingivitis, it's crucial that you stay on top of your El Dorado Hills dental exams so your smile can thrive. 

Custom Nightguards Can Save Your Smile 

A night guard is a thin protective device for your teeth that helps combat bruxism, the condition in which you clench, grind, and gnash your teeth—especially while sleeping.

Customized to fit the unique contours of your mouth, this device works as a protective layer between the top and bottom rows of your teeth. It serves as a cushion so that you won't damage your teeth while you are asleep.

A nightguard will position your teeth naturally and protect them from any pressure created when grinding or clenching. A custom night guard may also help prevent jaw pain, which often results from bruxism.

At El Dorado Family Dental, we can fit you for a mouthguard and create a piece that's unique to you. It's essential to rely on a custom appliance when it comes to grinding. A store-bought product may not adequately prevent grinding and tooth breakage because these appliances are not designed to fit the contours of your mouth and might be loose or bulky.

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