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Are You Put to Sleep During Dental Implant Placement?

October 23, 2022
Posted By: Dr. Mohamad Albik
Woman getting ready for dental implant placement | El Dorado Hills

We offer sedation options, including an oral sedative if you’re considering dental implants in El Dorado Hills, CA. While you’ll not be technically sleeping, you may not recall most of your treatment. In addition to oral sedation, we use power local anesthesia to numb the dental implant site.

Sedation Dentistry with Your Dentist in El Dorado Hills

Before Drs Albik Mohamad or Rika Prodhan-Ashraf administer sedation for dental implant placement, we collect a health history, including current or recent medications. This information helps determine whether you’re a candidate for sedation dentistry.

Our options for dental sedation include the following:

  • Nitrous oxide
  • Oral conscious sedation

Nitrous is a gas administered to you through a mask. It does not linger after mask removal, and you can drive yourself home from treatment. Oral conscious sedation is a powerful pill that allows for deep relaxation. Your dentist can use either of these options or combine them for maximum effect.

About Dental ImplantsSedation Dentistry | El Dorado Hills CA 95762

We provide dental implant surgery with image-guided precision, carefully planning your implant placement for the best outcome. Implant placement is not painful because the site is anesthetized. However, you may notice some discomfort later that night or the next day. It is typically mild and easily treated with medications like Ibuprofen.

After your dental implants integrate entirely into the jawbone, we cap them with dental crowns for single implants or a prosthetic like a bridge or fixed denture. Crown and prosthetic placement require no anesthesia and are non-invasive.

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