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Do you offer dentistry for younger children?

We provide full-service dentistry for children of all ages. This includes exams, cleanings, fillings, fluoride treatments, and dental sealants. We also work hard to educated children about their oral health and help them to adopt good brushing and flossing habits at home.

We tend to see children around the time their first tooth erupts. This gives our dentist in El Dorado Hills, CA an opportunity to make sure the tooth is coming in properly and that gum health is optimal for the next tooth.

Children tend to love our dental clinic and bond easily with our staff. We think you’ll be pleased.

At El Dorado Family Dental, we also set aside time to answer your questions and address your concerns.

Additionally, we incorporate new services as your child grows and his or her needs change, including clear braces for older teens. Clear braces are designed to straighten teeth without metal and wires. This helps your older teen feel confident when wearing the aligners, which are virtually invisible.

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We love helping children realize their best smiles. Reach out to a friendly team member today to get started or if you have any questions.  

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