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Why do I need a root canal?

If you need a root canal treatment in El Dorado Hills, CA, don’t worry! We offer gentle root canal treatment, thorough numbing, and even some sedation dentistry options.

For patients who have never had a root canal, we recommend ignoring the myths. It is not a complex treatment. And rather than causing pain, this therapy relieves it and saves your tooth from loss or the need for a dental extraction.

If you need root canal treatment, you’ll likely have tooth pain and swelling, requiring an emergency dental visit. At this appointment, we numb the area around your infected tooth and gently remove the infection from your tooth’s canal. Next, one of our dentists flushes the canal and closes it with a temporary rubber-like filling material. At a future appointment—about two weeks down the road—you come for a permanent filling or a dental crown to restore stability.

A tooth root infection is the reason you need root canal therapy. Failing to treat the issue can lead to excruciating pain, tooth loss, and infection spread. Root infections may result from poor oral hygiene, lack of dental care, tooth injury, or untreated decay.

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