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What is sedation dentistry?

Dental sedation in El Dorado Hills, CA means medications or relaxants that keep people at ease during dental treatment. It is ideal for patients who suffer from dental anxiety, those undergoing multiple treatments, or simply for anyone who wants to feel more relaxed during a procedure.

Our dentists offer the following sedation dentistry options, which can be used alone or in combination.

Nitrous oxide is a relaxing gas delivered through a nose mask. It produces feelings of comfort and disinterest, allowing you to get treatment without stress or concern. Nitrous oxide is safe for patients of all ages.

Oral sedation is a pill given before treatment. In some cases, patients do not recall their procedure but can still follow the dentist’s instructions while in the chair. However, the effects linger for many hours, so you will need transportation.

Before giving the okay for sedation, your dentist will take a health history and evaluate you to make sure sedation is a safe choice. We also monitor you closely throughout your procedure.

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